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Important information and terms of services are below.

Lawn mowing:

Lawn mowing is provided in 3 different ways. As a cleanup job, occasional as needed job, or a regular maintenance service at 2, 4 or 6 weekly options with schedule remaining in effect until customer cancels or Wolf HGS cancels. Costs for mowing services are fixed for jobs on maintenance schedule and occasional jobs in average condition. Cleanup jobs with very long grass are billed at hourly rate not fixed rate and require seeing photos of job site to assess size and difficulty. The green bin on site is always used unless customer asked for waste removal and agreed to pay for it on top. The property residents are always responsible for removing dog poo from grounds before lawn mowing commences.

Hedge Trimming:

Hedge trimming is done as needed or can be combined with other work visits. Costs for trimming services are fixed for short jobs or tall jobs where the layout and general conditions are already known. Larger scale non-standard jobs or new property visit jobs will be billed at an hourly rate or fixed rate after seeing all work areas first to assess size and difficulty of job.

Garden Maintenance:

Garden maintenance tasks can be arranged to suit owner preferences after discussing all requirements. Costs for garden maintenance services are billed by hourly rate only due to the varied and dynamic nature of job site conditions.

Green Waste Removal:

Green waste removal jobs can be arranged at any time with at least one day of advance notice. Photos of waste piles required before collection. Costs include both loading labor time and fixed disposal fees at a local government waste dump facility.


Payment for all jobs is easy and quick with cash, card or bank transfer options. Invoices provided online via email if not paying in person on same day. Payment terms for all jobs is two weeks with regular reminders for unpaid bills. Additional actions will occur in future for any long outstanding debts.

All jobs are subject to rescheduling if adverse weather events occur before or during work activities. They will be completed as soon as possible.

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